Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cape Coral Criminal Defense Attorneys: The Advantages of a Local Lawyer

In this time of the internet, many consumers of legal services are being referred to a criminal lawyer through the internet. While this has made the task of locating and comparing experience and qualifications of attorneys easier than ever before, it also can be misleading. Many attorneys from out of town advertise as Fort Myers or Lee County criminal lawyers, but they are actually based in other areas of the state. When they are contacted, they either refer the case to a local attorney, or, if the fee justifies the time and travel, make the trip to Fort Myers on a case-by case basis. This usually means that they are not intimately familiar with the particular judge, prosecutor and local rules of procedure, which may be significant in how the case is resolved. Local lawyers, who practice regularly before the trial courts in Lee County, know the players and the system. If they have a good repuatation, their representations to the court and prosecutor are accepted, as both of those entities want to have a continued professional relationship with the local defense counsel. This acts as a check on the arbitrary abuse of power, and helps to ensures that all parties, no matter how heinous the crime or difficult the case, act in good faith. The notion that local attorneys are somehow part of the system and therefore not going to fight as hard is simply not true. If anything, based on the continuing relationship of the parties, the local practitioner will usually get more slack than the out-of-towner when he or she is zealously representing a client.